Ramadan Series 2016

Ras Elghoul on ART

Nos Youm on ART

Khatoun on MTV Lebanon

Ya Reit on MTV Lebanon

Jareemat Shaghaf on ART

The Caesar on ART

Ramadan Songs 2016

Maher Zain - Ramadan

The Merciful Servant - Ramadan Is My Life

Mishary Alafasy - Nasheed Ramadan

Zain Bhikha - Eidun Said

Ahmad Dassan - Ramadan Hayati

Hadi Shaban - Ramadan Mubarak

Jalal Al Khuwaitri - Ramadan Ramadan

Ramadan El Sana Di

Entertainment News

Arab celebville buzzing over the first ever 'Arabic Oscars'!

Less than a month after the Academy Awards ceremony, Dear Guest magazine in cooperation with C.A.T Company and 9090 Radio station held the first Arabian Cinema Awards (ACA) known as “The Arabic Oscars Festival”.

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'Queen' Ahlam gets a taste of the Lebanese Phoenix's wrath!

Things don't seem to be going too well for Emirati singer Ahlam, who has once again landed herself in boiling hot water.

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Tamer Hosny, Nancy Ajram's kids have no 'Voice' in future music career decisions!

You'd think most celebrities would want their kids to follow in their famous footsteps and become stars in their own right, but that's not entirely the case with Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny.

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What a Messi interview: Egyptian anchor mocked for asking ridiculous questions

An interview conducted with Barcelona's Argentinian football star Lionel Messi on the MBC Masr channel has been widely ridiculed by Egyptians on social networking sites due to the strange questions from the anchor.

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