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Amal Hijazi sues the Arab World's largest record label Rotana!

 While some singers may think that the Arab World's largest record label "Rotana" is untouchable, Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi isn't one of them!

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Almost done! "Saraya Abdeen 2" final scenes being shot in Alexandria

The second season of the popular TV series “Saraya Abdeen” (Abdeen Palace) has moved to Alexandria on Tuesday to shoot their last outdoor scene as the series is scheduled to be presented in May 2015.

The first season season was made popular during Ramadan 2014, taking place under the reign of Khedive Ismail of Egypt. The drama was ornate with elaborate costumes and royal palaces, primarily set in the Abdeen Palace.

The second season of “Saraya Abdeen” consists of 60 episodes and is directed by Shady Abouel Oyoun al-Soud. It begins in 1866 and continues until 1890, starring Kosai Khouli, the Lebanese Nour,Yousra, Ghada Adel, Mai Kassab, Nelly Karim, Salah Abdallah, Nahed al-Sibaei and Anoshka. The first season was directed by Amr Arafa.


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DJ Ahmed “Zo’la” Mohsen shot in the head on Egyptian revolution's anniversary

In the late evening hours on Sunday, which marked the fourth anniversary of the 2011 uprising, four friends left their home in the rundown district of Matariya for lunch, and on their way, they heard about violent clashes taking place between Muslim Brotherhood backers marking the occasion and security forces.

The four friends, with cautions curiosity, moved to the scene to verify the rumors, only to find hundreds of their peers struggling to avoid gunshots that relentlessly echoed in the area. They stood at the backstage at a distance they believed was safe enough, when one of them took out his mobile phone and started to take a video record of the situation. 

As the camera turned around, it captured the known DJ Ahmed “Zo’la” Mohsen, one of the gang, who appeared with a smile on his face. “How can I travel tomorrow with all this?” he said. It was his final words before he was taken out of the cadre with gunshot in the head.
While Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim blamed the killings in Matariya on Brotherhood protesters in his news conference on Monday, the band’s top performer, al-Sadat, blamed police for his murder. “Ahmed was killed by live ammunition,” al-Sadat wrote on a Facebook page commemorating him. “I don’t want anyone from the Interior Ministry to tell me it was bird shot,” implying that the bullet came from a police gun.
It was the end of a popular figure of Egypt’s newest, controversial musical genre called “mahraganat” (festivals). The band, composed of Alaa Fifty, Sadat and Amr Haha, had made plans to travel to Arish to perform in a wedding, which were promptly canceled after their band member’s death.
“I phoned him yesterday to remind him of our Arish trip, but he told me he was unsure if he could make it because there was tension in the neighborhood,” Alaa Fifty said.
People in Matariya mourned late Monday, with tens of Zo’la’s friends waiting outside his residence, unable to believe that they won’t see again their 21-year-old DJ friend composing new hits with his computer.
Known for his DJ mastery years ago, Zo’la met members of the trio band during their study at a tourism institute, where he started his career in mahraganat music, winning thousands of fans.
A year ago, Zo’la accompanied the trio on tour to the Netherlands. There, he rejected offers to stay for musical lessons and preferred to return back home with his friends.
Zo’la’s friends mourned him on his Facebook page. “Ahmed Zo’la the martyr of Matariya, died by the Interior Ministry’s gunfire,” read the cover of the page that has gained more than 5,000 followers so far.
“His music was his life; he died with the police gunfire though he was neither a Muslim Brotherhood nor a terrorist; he has no political affiliation,” the page’s admin wrote. “Police are ignoring the vivid terrorism in Sinai and instead killing our youth.”
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Omar Sharif explains why he missed Faten Hamama's funeral

As the world mourned the death of Egyptian cinema's iconic actress Faten Hamama on January 17, 2015, Egyptian actor Omar Sharif felt the pain of losing her more than anyone else did.

The silver fox was - luckily - married to the Egyptian beauty from 1955 - 1974, but was sadly unable to attend her funeral due to his health issues, reported

"The shock of her death was too much for me, and I have to admit that I'm an old man, who can't cope with being around huge crowds of people because my health condition doesn't allow it. I had a heart attack in Paris several years ago because I was surrounded by large crowds of people at the Cannes Film Festival. God willing I will be making a special trip with my son to visit her grave and pay my respects.

"There's nothing that can be said but to pray that she rests in peace and may God give her family the patience to go on," Omar said.

The "Lawrence of Arabia" actor has reportedly said that he wishes he had the chance to meet up with the late actress after she had returned from a medical trip back to Cairo.
The grieving star went on to speak about Hamama's true value and career achievements.

"God bless her soul, she was so valuable, unique and irreplaceable. She's someone who will never be 'repeated' in all the years to come. She has worked on humanitarian projects and acted in many daring roles throughout her career.

"She fought for so many causes for women, children and other social issues through her elegant art; that's why she will always remain in people's minds and hearts and will forever be remembered for her great achievements," Omar concluded.

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