Reach Media Inc. has been a leading provider of in-language programming in the U.S. for nearly two decades. Reach Media represents over 35 TV services with content from a variety of international sources. It secures carriage for all the channels on various platforms, and creates the demand for such distribution with both traditional and grass roots marketing. Reach Media is in the business of building bridges to ethnic American viewers from different nations and backgrounds around the world. Reach Media serves the needs and interests of a diverse group of ethnic American communities by providing the finest in foreign language television programming from all over the world. Reach Media distributes a group of exclusive and original channels presenting a unique combination of international movies, soap operas, music videos and musical programming, live sporting events, news, popular talk shows, and educational programming. Reach Media has succeeded in building the largest subscriber bases for its channels in all of North America. Today, our channels represent a substantial portion of every platform’s ethnic business, and the company's subscriber bases continue to grow at a rapid pace. 


Reach Media Inc. is an Arab Radio & Television (ART) Company.


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Dedicated to content distribution and producing quality programming for television for more than 20 years, Reach Media Inc. owns and operates exclusive licenses for several of the most popular and award-winning brands in ethnic satellite & cable television. ART America, MTV Lebanon, LDC (LBCI), Al Hayah, OSN Ya Hala are just a few that produce and deliver distinctive, compelling and culturally relevant content that engages audiences across multiple platforms. The company is also affiliated with MBC, Al Nahar, Al Jazeera and Melody TV Networks through joint ventures with their respective companies.  In addition, the company operates the North American division of the Arab Radio & Television Group.


We are currently seeking talented professionals to join our staff. If you have solid experience in one of the following areas, we may have the position, and career, for you.


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Reach Media Inc. is the leading Arabic content provider in North America, with over 30 channels that broadcast on major media platforms that include Satellite, Cable, and IPTV. We are a part of the Arab Radio & Television Group (ART), which is the largest producer and distributor of Arabic entertainment multimedia worldwide. We are constantly striving towards maintaining our position as the most trusted media provider for Arab consumers & businesses across the North American continent.


1 – What is the relationship between Reach Media and Dish Network?

Reach Media works alongside DISH Network to provide you with the highest quality of Arabic Entertainment. Reach Media owns most of the Arabic channels but manages all of them in North America. DISH Network is the company that provides the channels to our viewers. Their satellites along with their receivers help bring your favorite channels into your home, but without us those channels wouldn’t be available in the United States. 


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There are over six million Arab Americans in North America that have been historically underserved and ignored for many years. In a society such as ours where information transfer and services have become a necessity for everyday life, the need for a company whose sole purpose is to deliver products and services to ethnic markets have never been greater.

Reach Media has established itself to be the leading marketer of products and services to various ethnic communities across North America. By marketing and distributing top tier foreign language TV channels on various platforms, Reach Media has developed a valuable bond with the communities it serves. That bond has evolved to the ability to market various different products to a desirable consumer base.

With its ongoing full service relationship with all the channels it distributes, Reach Media is not only an advertising agency to book ads with; it is the official representatives of the channels in North America.

Reach Media is well poised today to help any company launch a product, offer it, market it, develop it, and distribute it in the ethnic communities it serves, using various tools and techniques acquired over the years.

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