About Us

Reach Media Inc. has been a leading provider of in-language programming in the U.S. for nearly two decades. Reach Media represents over 35 TV services with content from a variety of international sources. It secures carriage for all the channels on various platforms, and creates the demand for such distribution with both traditional and grass roots marketing. Reach Media is in the business of building bridges to ethnic American viewers from different nations and backgrounds around the world. Reach Media serves the needs and interests of a diverse group of ethnic American communities by providing the finest in foreign language television programming from all over the world. Reach Media distributes a group of exclusive and original channels presenting a unique combination of international movies, soap operas, music videos and musical programming, live sporting events, news, popular talk shows, and educational programming. Reach Media has succeeded in building the largest subscriber bases for its channels in all of North America. Today, our channels represent a substantial portion of every platform’s ethnic business, and the company's subscriber bases continue to grow at a rapid pace. 


Reach Media Inc. is an Arab Radio & Television (ART) Company.





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