'Queen' Ahlam gets a taste of the Lebanese Phoenix's wrath!

Things don't seem to be going too well for Emirati singer Ahlam, who has once again landed herself in boiling hot water.


After Lebanese comedian Adel Karam made fun of the self-loving diva on his light-hearted talk show "Haida Haki" last week, she made it her business to not only hit back at him, but the entire Lebanese nation, as well. 

While Adel joked about the self-proclaimed "Queen's" reality show "The Queen" - which was cancelled by popular demand after just one episode - and made fun of the origin of the nickname given to her fans (Halloomeyeen), Ahlam turned the tables on him, and everyone in Lebanon!

The opinionated singer took to Twitter, where she thought it was OK to call all Lebanese people "Falal-eaters and beggars," while instructing them to "deal with their trash problem instead of talking abouttheir "Queen Ahlam."

Somebody ought to pick up a sharp pin and use it to burst Ahlam's bubble so she can return back to earth from her La La Land! 

Oh, wait, controversial Lebanese journalist Nidal al Ahmadiyeh did.

The "Al Jaras Magazine" creative head hit back at Ahlam by urging everyone to tweet under thehashtag #Forbid-Ahlam-From-Entering-Lebanon.

Angry Lebanese and Arab tweeps were happy to comply. The hashtag was soon trending in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Meanwhile, Lebanese superstars Wael Kfoury and Nancy Ajram kept their responses to Ahlam subtle, by posting a patriotic poem about Lebanon on Twitter.

Once Ahlam found herself facing the music alone, she quickly realized the extent of her unforgivable mishap.

In an attempt to redeem herself, she said on Twitter that "her previous words were directed at 'certain people' in the Lebanese media who aren't representative of Lebanon in her eyes, such as Nidal al Ahmadiyeh," adding that she's the "only artist who used to frequent Lebanon in the past and promote its tourism in her interviews."

She continued, "If I'm driving Nidal al Ahmadiyeh crazy, let her continue barking like a dog for all I care." This isn't the first spat between the two; in 2013, Ahlam threatened to file a lawsuit against Nidal whom she described as a "direct threat on her life."

Ahlam has unnecessarily insulted a whole nation for something a TV host jokingly said. Her words left a deep cut in Lebanese people's egos and hearts.

You see Ahlam, just because you crowned yourself as "Queen" of Arab celebville in your imaginary Kingdom, certainly doesn't make you one.

You might have a fan base of 5 million Facebook followers, 4 million on Instagram and almost 6 million on Twitter, but to everyone else, you're just a singer.

Bet you haven't heard the last of those Lebanese voices, dear Ahlam!

By Arwad Khalifeh



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