DISH DVR 512 DishProPlus SD Interactive TV One-TV Dual-Tuner IR Residential


Dimensions : 16" W x 13.5" D x 3.5 H

Weight : 11 lbs.

From here you can:

  • Select the on-screen message or issue for assistance
  • Go to the receiver's remote home page
  • Use interactive receiver menus
  • Research information on additional equipment
  • Learn How To's
  • View installation information
  • Find additional receiver features and information

Receiver Features

DISH Network DVR

  • DVR Grouping  

Events with the same title are grouped together in easy to find folders.

  • DVR Recording
o Record up to 100 hours of standard-definition programming
o Pause Live TV (up to two hours on each tuner)
o 100% digital audio and video recording to the hard drive
o DVR enhanced Automatic and Manual Event Timers - programs the receiver to record directly to the hard drive, or automatically tune to a program at a designated time for viewing
o "Program Capture" - reverse back up to 2 hours into a program, press record, then press stop at the end of the program to capture the program as a saved event for future viewing
o Press Record while in the EPG to record to the end of the scheduled event

  • DVR Sort
In My Recordings, press the swap button on the remote to swap between the last two sort options used.
  • Enhanced Timer and DVR Management  
Sort DVR events by date or name. Sort Timers by event name or start date/time. Create a timer event on the currently viewed program. Edit a timer while the timer is active. Protect: prevents recording over an event when the hard drive is full. When Locks are set, you must enter a password to delete events.
  • Multi-speed Slow Motion and Frame-by-Frame  
Slow Motion (done while in "pause"), Slow Fwd ¼ and 1/15th speed in addition to Standard Fast FWD 4X, 15X, 60X, and 300X, Slow Reverse 1X and ¼ in addition to Standard Reverse 4X, 15X, 60X, and 300X, Frame-by-frame advance and back using the "skip ahead" and "skip back" buttons while in pause. Skip forward (30 seconds), skip back (10 seconds).

  • Search function  
The DVR Search function allows a keyword search to find a program listing based on an event title, the name of an actor/actress or a specific word. The search history can store a total of 30 searches.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Functions

  • Extended Browse Feature
Press the Browse button once to see the present and next program schedule. Press the right arrow button to go further into the stored program schedule. Press the Info button for extended program information.
Browse-to-PIP: For models with the PIP feature in Single Mode, press Browse and scroll to another channel while remaining in the current time. Press the PIP button on the remote to open the PIP window and display the browsed channel.
  • Channel Surfing Enhancements 
You can select to skip "DishHOME" loading if you pass by channel 100. A loading confirmation option appears when you select this channel. While channeling up/down, the receiver will skip the channels that require another dish if you do not have one.
  • DishHOME Interactive TV with Customer Support Channel
By accessing DishHOME from channel 100 or in the Main Menu, you can get instant weather for favorite cities and ski resorts across the U.S., world news and horoscopes.
  • Electronic Program Guide  
Shows 7 to 9-days of information in the EPG that is stored on the hard drive.
Two Electronic Program Guide display options, Full-Screen EPG and Picture-in-Guide EPG.
Page-At-A-Time Scrolling in EPG.
When in the EPG, use "skip forward" and "skip backward" keys to go ahead or back 24 hours.
While watching or recording a DVR event, it is still viewable in ¼ screen in the EPG.
If a DVR feature (pause) was selected prior to entering the Guide, the feature will still work in the Guide.
Press Record while in EPG to record to the end of the scheduled event.
  • Instant Program Information.
  • Local DMA Channel Mapping  
Along with being on the higher number channels, Local DMA Channels are on the same channel number range as their off-air signal, which can be found below channel 101.
  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP)
PIP allows you to watch two different programs at the same time when in Single Mode.

* PIP - to open a small window; second press to enlarge window; third press to make windows side-by-side, fourth press to close window
* PIP Swap - to move program in small window to full screen window. Channel changes, DVR functions, etc. can only be made in full screen window.
* PIP Position - to move the window (either size) into one of seven locations on the screen. Press for immediate side-by-side PIP.
  • Program Search  
When customers enter the search function the title of the program they are currently viewing will appear in the search text field. Customers have the option to search by program title or for key words within the extended program information and description.
o Use the # (pound) key. The current program's title will be filled in. You can use that to search or clear it and type in another name.
o Go to Menu, Themes & Search, Search. The keywords can be entered with your remote control alpha-numeric keys (cell-phone style) or using the right/left/up/down blue arrow buttons and Select to access the on-screen keyboard.

Menu Functions

  • Auto Checkswitch
    Descriptive Video is an audio narration, which provides the listening audience with descriptions of scenes, settings, costumes and body language in the natural pauses of dialogue or songs. It is being offered as a service for the visually impaired
  • Caller ID
    Displays caller information on the TV screen. Stores up to 50 numbers in the history. You must have a phone line plugged in and a subscription with the local telephone company for Caller ID to show on the television. Caller ID information will show on a VCR tape if information pops up while recording.

  • Closed Caption support
  • Customer Support Application
    The Customer Support Application is an interactive tool that allows you to add channels, view billing statements, make a payment, read frequently asked questions, troubleshoot issues, and read important information. This application is accessed through DishHOME. 

  • DISH CD Music Song Titling 
  • DVOD (DISH Video on Demand)
    DVOD are movies that have been downloaded to the hard drive for immediate rental. Movies on Demand CANNOT be saved onto the hard drive. If Parental Locks have been set, the password will need to be entered in order to access Movies on Demand.
  • Event Timer
    Name Based Recording

    Only events matching the specified program name will be recorded
    Time Based Recording

    Any program in the specified time frame will be recorded, regardless of name

    Both Name and Time Based will record to hard drive, automatically tune to a pre-programmed channel when it starts, or give you an on-screen reminder of a designated program's starting time. Each tuner can record to hard drive. The total number of timers varies by how many timers are set, and how many events there are for each timer.
    To find the total number of Events and Timers:
    1. Press Menu on the remote.
    2. Select Daily Schedule.
    On the bottom right corner of the box, the total number of Events are listed.
    3. Select Timers from the Daily Schedule screen.
    The total number of Timers are listed on the bottom right corner of this box.

  • Favorites Lists 
    Set up a list of channels (4 user defined lists for each tuner; 8 total) that you watch most frequently and only view the channels you want. Capable of storing a combined total of 1500 channels.
  • Multimedia 
    Transfer video and audio to a PocketDISH from the receiver.
  • Parental Control Locks
    V-chip technology for Parental Control allows you to block out channels or individual programs based on ratings and content. Use Ratings Lock to block 5000 and 6000 channel numbers. Separate locks are available for adult and PPV.
  • Pay-Per-View purchase summary
    Displays what Pay-Per-Views have been ordered, the date and time they were ordered, and how they were ordered. Pay-Per-Views that are displayed on this screen have not been billed to the account yet.

    * Theme categories for program selection
    * Transparent Info Banner  

    A transparent Info Banner provides on-screen channel and program information while allowing you to view the program in the background.


Technical Aspects

  • 5.4 IR Remote (1)
  • Front Panel Buttons (9)
    Power, Menu, System Info, Select, Cursor Up, Cursor Down, Cursor Left, Cursor Right, and Mode (Disabled)
  • Front Panel Lights (2)
    Power (green), Recording is active (red)
  • Low Battery Indicator
    If the remote control batteries are low, a small "Low Battery" text indicator appears in the view banner whenever the view banner is displayed.
  • MPEG-2/DVB compliant  
    MPEG is a compression method which compresses digital signals. This way, the amount of information that has to be sent decreases.
  • Power supply draw: 0.15 to 1.25 amps, average 0.25 amps
  • Q-Box Support
  • Smart Card door
  • Software upgrades via satellite 
    The receiver must be powered off (in standby) to retrieve updated information.
  • Standby Reset
    Standby Reset helps to reduce problems by clearing errors encountered over the previous 24 hours.
  • Super Diagnostics
    Super Diagnostics allows faster access to important system information and settings. Press Menu - Menu to access System Info 1. Hot Key explanations are available under How To. 
  • SuperDISH support
  • System Information available at a button push
    Press the Sys Info button on the front panel.
  • Two-Tuner Satellite Receiver
    o Record two live programs at the same time
    o Record a live program while watching another live program
    o Record two live programs while watching another recorded program
  • Wireless Phone Jack support



Back Panel

(2) Satellite antenna inputs, blue F-connector
(1) UHF Pro remote antenna input, green F-connector
(1) Telephone Jack; may not work properly with some VoIP systems (broadband phone)
3-prong power cord
(1) USB 1.0 port

TV-1 Connections

(1) TV antenna/cable input, black F-connector
(1) TV CH 3-4 Out (TV1)
(1) S-Video output
(1) Set RCA-type audio/video outputs
(1) Optical Digital output for Dolby Digital and PCM Digital Audio

TV-2 Connections

Connections are disabled and do not output video.


Cables and Accessories

Standalone List

(1) 5.4 IR remote
(1) RCA 3-Wire cable (red, white, yellow) (8 ft)
(2) RG-59 Coaxial Cable (6 ft)
(1) RJ-11 Telephone Cable (25 ft)
(1) 15db attenuator
(8) 1.5V AAA Battery 

20" DISH 500 Antenna, DISH Pro Twin List

(1) DISH 500 dish antenna
(1) DISH Pro Twin LNBF
(1) 5.4 IR remote
(1) RCA 3-Wire Cable (red, white, yellow) (8 ft)
(2) RG-59 Coaxial Cable (6 ft)
(1) RJ-11 Telephone Cable (25 ft)
(1) 15db attenuator
(8) 1.5V AAA Battery